Enough is Enough.

Prologue: Nearly the end of the month now. No change in the game. I’m losing steam. On the one hand I want to remain committed and on the other hand I don’t. At the very least I need to redeem myself. If this past month has shown me anything it’s that I am a huge gaping pussy. I almost don’t deserve to live, as a man that is. I should hang up my trousers and don this corset cause what other option is there. Well, perhaps one option. And that’s to prove to my wife, my family, and just about everyone else, that I’m a strong person and that I’m worthy of something and that I can’t be pushed around all willy nilly. MAJ Bless.

The Plot Thickens.

Rebel With a Cause: Guatemalan lawyer arranged own slaying, U.N. panel says

Most ridiculous story I’ve almost pretty much ever read. This guy stages his own murder to bring down a corrupt government. Can’t get any freakier than that shit. I’m truly inspired. This article is a must read. I guarantee you've never read a story like it. I wonder who's going to play Rodrigo Rosenberg. At the very least, I can definitely see Tarantino directing this movie.

PS And we thought crime in NYC was bad. "There were 6,451 slayings in Guatemala last year, of which only 230 verdicts were achieved, Castresana said. That means, he said, that more than 96 percent of the killings in 2009 were not solved."

Sad Death Day: Jimmy O, 35, Haitian hip hop musician, earthquake

Even though I don't know what you're saying, your music touches my heart space. RIP Jimmy O.

Epilogue: a moment of silence for those lost in the Haitian earthquake. MAJ, bless.

Enter Tasty Verbage.

Prologue: Hello. Welcome to Tasty Verbage, a chronicle of discrete moments in my life translated into blog-style prose, which is, if you’re not familiar, a cross between language and the incoherent thought processes possessed by the masses. I am a male. 32 years of age. I am Chinese by ethnic background, and American by culture. That means I like to eat my hamburgers with chopsticks. J/K, J/K.
My body resides in Brooklyn, but my heart is in Manhattan. I’m Jersey born, but have been in the NYC since “the college days.” Some people say New Jersey is the armpit of America. I prefer to say that New Jersey is the soul cemetery of America. Although not quite a place where souls are buried, Brooklyn is sufficiently soul crushing. I speak from experience. My soul is being crushed as I type.
Confession: I have a fetish for popping sounds. I have no idea why, I just do. It’s especially potent with bubble wrap. I hear the snap and all I want to do is get off.
Sandy Slang: MAJ, Moses Allah Jesus. MAJ, a multi-theistic alternative to saying Jesus Christ.
Afterthought: I love the way black Brooklyn men scream. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever heard before. You gotta understand, I’ve been around the city block for over a decade now and I’m familiar with many of the city’s cultural quirks and crannies, but the black Brooklyn man, that’s some other shit entirely. Sssso deep, it resonates to my bones.